Risk Management

The area of risk management can be confusing and somewhat amorphous to few in the nonprofit arena and majority in investments-profit arena . Some think insurance is the answer to solving all risk management issues. Often, nonprofit board and staff members are so busy living out their mission that they don’t have the time to think about potential risk, let alone making a plan to address it but it is a factor that affects both the profitable and nonprofitable arena.

What constitutes a risk? Simply speaking, a risk is any uncertainty about a future event that could threaten your investment goal and ability to accomplish your set target.

Many financial firms use scenario planning to look ahead and spot opportunities and threats. When a firm is successfully managing risk it is taking a proactive approach to reduce the likelihood or severity of some unknown occurrence that could prevent or seriously derail a profit from fulfilling its mission. Risk management is a discipline for dealing with the possibility that some future event may cause harm. It provides strategies, techniques, and an approach to recognizing and confronting any threat faced by an organization in fulfilling its mission. At Option24 Trading, we create a flexible system and have a well developed team of market and financial analysts who have years of experience and supervised by Dorian Fehr and master of the field makes us met our set targets and goals.

It’s important to know that risk can not be eliminated but it can be contained, by containing the risk, two sides of the coin-win or not lose. Life is a risk but we still take precautions to live longer.

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